List of Publications

Articles and book review in refereed journals

Ruiz-Castro, M., Grau-Grau, M., Lupu, I., Daskalai, M., and McGinn, K. (Forthcoming). Social reproduction: Intra-household relationships, organizational initiatives and public policies. Special Issue in Gender, Work and Organization. 

Bueno, X.;  Grau-Grau, M. (2020). Why Is Unpaid Parental Leave (still) Gendered? Individual narratives and couples’ strategies.  Journal of Family Issues.

Rivera, R., Santos, D., Grau-Grau, M., and Derose, L. (2019). Family Relationships and Internet Abuse in 25 European Countries. Families, Relationships and Societies. 

Tanquerel, S., and Grau-Grau, M*. (2019). Unmasking work-family balance barriers and strategies among working fathers in the workplace. Organization. *Equal contribution

Grau-Grau, M. (2019). Manet: A Symbolic Revolution, by P. Bourdieu. International Sociology, 34, 161-163.

Grau-Grau, M. (2019). Family and Sustainable Development, by M. Gas & R. Cavallotti. Social Science Journal, 56, 137-138

Bosch, M.J., Las Heras, M., Russo, M., Rofcanin, Y., and Grau-Grau, M. (2018). How context matters: The relationship between family supportive supervisor behaviours and motivation to work moderated by gender equality. Journal of Business Research, 82, 46-55.

Grau-Grau, M. (2018). Ferdinand Tönnies (1855-1936). Vida y Sociología, by A. I. Erdozáin. Revista Española de Sociología, 27(2), 357-360.

Grau-Grau, M., and Leon, C. (2017). Cómo llegar a ser una empresa responsable con la conciliación. Harvard Deusto Business Review, 266, 20-30.

Cavallotti, R., Grau-Grau, M., Marimon, F., and Gas, M. (2017). Design and validation of a measurement scale of intergenerational solidarity. Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology ender, Work and Organization, 24 (1), 107-125.

Grau-Grau, M. (2013). Clouds over Spain: Work and family in the age of austerity. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 33, 579-593.

Chinchilla, N.; Grau-Grau, M. (2013). Corporate family responsibility e ambienti di lavoro flessibili: un ”must” per le aziende del XXI secolo. Sociologia e Politiche Sociale, 16, 43-66.

Idrovo, S.; León, C.; Grau-Grau, M. (2012). Comparing work-life balance in Spain and Latin-American countries. European Journal of Training and Development, 36, 286-307.

Heras, M.; Grau-Grau, M. (2011). Having an impact: Learning from those who done it. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 4, 422-425.

Edited Books

Grau-Grau, M., Riley-Bowles, H., and Las Heras, M. (2020, forthcoming). Elevating Fatherhood: Health, Public Policies and Organizations (Eds). Berlin, Germany: Springer (open access).

Las Heras, M., Chinchilla, N., and Grau-Grau, M. (2019). The New Ideal Worker: Organizations between Work-Life Balance, Women and Leadership (Eds). Berlin, Germany: Springer.

Las Heras, M., Chinchilla, N., and Grau-Grau, M. (2017). The Work-Family Balance in Light of Technology, and Globalization (Eds). Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Book chapters

Grau-Grau, M. (2020). Return to work for fathers: A group with specific needs? In Navigating the return-to-work experience for new parents: Maintaining work-family well-being, Ed. C. Cooper and M. Karanika-Murray. New York, NY: Routledge.

Chinchilla, N., and Grau-Grau, M. (2018). Family-Friendly Corporation. In The SAGE Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, Ed. R. Kolb. Sage Publications.

Las Heras, M.; Grau-Grau, M. (2016). Women in the labor force: women’s labor force participation in Spain. In Women in management worldwide: Signs of progress, Ed. R. Burke and A. Richardsen. Gower Publishing.

Grau-Grau, M. (2015). El enriquecimiento trabajo-familia: Una teoría útil para los padres y las empresas. In Hacia un nuevo pacto entre trabajo y familia, Ed. P. Debeljuh. IAE Business School: Buenos Aires, Argentina (in Spanish).

Las Heras, M; Chinchilla, N.; Grau-Grau, M (2013). Corporate Family Responsibility in Latin America. In Inclusiveness, Sustainability and Human Resource Development, Ed. N. M. Agrawal, M. G. Jomon, B. Varkkey and C. Banerjee. McGraw Hill Education: New Delhi, India.

Cruz, H.; León, C.; Grau-Grau, M. (2010). Situación laboral de la mujer y balance trabajo-familia en España y América Latina. In Mujer y Liderazgo en España y Latín América, Ed. P. Debeljuh and M. las Heras. LID editorial: Madrid (in Spanish).

Technical reports

Chinchilla, N., Jiménez, E., and Grau-Grau, M. (2019). Buenas Prácticas para la gestión de la igualdad, la diversidad y la mejora de la competitividad en la empresa. IESE Business School (ST-516) (in Spanish)

Jiménez, E., Grau-Grau, M., and Chinchilla, N. (2018). Índice I-WIL 2018. IESE Business School (ST-470) (in Spanish and English)

Chinchilla, N., Jiménez, E., and Grau-Grau, M. (2017). Maternidad y trayectoria profesional en España: Análisis de las barreras e impulsores para la maternidad de las mujeres españolas. IESE Business School – ORDESA (ST-444) (in Spanish).

Featured in: La Vanguardia, El Periódico, El País, El Mundo, ABC, Público, Heraldo, El Economista, Las Provincias, Antena 3, Telecinco among others.

Chinchilla, N., and Grau-Grau, M. (2015). Empresa responsable en l’àmbit de la família. Government of Catalonia. Departament de Benestar Social i Família. (in Catalan)

Report presented by the Minister of Social Welfare and Family.

Chinchilla, N., Jiménez, E., and Grau-Grau, M. (2014). Impacto de las pensiones en la mujer. Jubilación y calidad de vida en España. VidaCaixa (in Spanish).

Featured in: La Vanguardia, Expansión, Periódico, Ara, Punt Avui, El Mundo, Catalunya Radio, RAC1, COPE, SER, TVE among others.

Chinchilla, N., Leon, C., Hernandez, M, and Grau-Grau, M. (2009). Experiències en l’Organització del Temps de Treball a les Empreses de Catalunya. Government of Catalonia. Departament de Treball. Dipòsit Legal B-24.895-2009 (in Catalan and Spanish).

Grau-Grau, M., and Parry E. (2010). Mind the Gap. Spain Employers Perspective. The Sloan Centre on Aging and Work at Boston College.

Grau-Grau, M. (2010). Mind the Gap. Spain Employee Perspective. The Sloan Centre on Aging and Work at Boston College.

Grau-Grau, M. (2010). Spain Statistical Profile. Country Statistical Profile no. 19, The Sloan Centre on Aging and Work at Boston College.

 Articles (Non-Refereed)

Grau-Grau, M. (2014).  La política familiar a Catalunya: És la implicació paterna una prioritat?. Quaderns de Polítiques Familiars, 2, 12-21.


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